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IC Contact Post for Siren's Pull

Maddy here.

So talk to me.


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[It's Mother's Day. The sun is shining; the spring flowers are beautiful. Today should have been a time for joyous recollections and celebrations of motherhood. If things had gone as planned, Wanda would have spent the day honoring her mothers—the one she never knew and the one she lost as a teen.

Sadly, that wasn't to be. Now, instead of being brightly lit by joy, the day has turned dark, overshadowed by the presence of her father. It’s why she’s been dreading this call. But this has to be done. She can’t put it off any longer. Anya deserves to know, needs to know. So, she forces herself to pick up the phone. It’s a voice-only call. Video is too risky; her cheerful façade might crack.]

Hey, Anya, it’s Wanda. [She tries valiantly to sound utterly nonchalant. The effort is almost successful.] I know we’re planning to get together later for dinner, but I’d like to see you before then. Is there some place you know where we can meet, somewhere that’s really private? [And hopefully safe.]


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As soon as possible. It's important. [She knows this can't sound good, but what choice does she have? She can't risk waiting. There is no doubt in her mind this news would be so much worse coming from someone else.]

[voice to action]

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No. I just need to see you. [And tell you something you don't want to hear.] I'll be there.

[It's half an hour later, and Wanda has been pacing back and forth for the past 10 minutes, having arrived early to check the spot out and prepare herself. Preoccupied by her thoughts, she chews on her nails, eyes darting around, though she's not really paying to what she sees. The pacing having lulled her into a sort of trance, Anya's arrival catches her by surprise.]


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[She starts at the sound of Anya's voice, jumping just a little, but quickly regains control and easily falls in line beside her.]

Okay. Lead on.

[She nods, following without question, instincts still telling her she can trust Anya.]


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[action] a bit tl;dr

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[voice mail]

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[Wanda sounds subdued.]

Hi, Anya. It's Wanda. I'm calling about Jubilee. Maybe you've seen the report of her death? If so, I wanted to let you know she's not actually dead. But she is really hurt and might not pull through and--Gah!

[She makes a frustrated noise. Her voice becomes tighter, tone angrier.]

Why do they insist on lying?! Maybe SERO was a threat to Erik but what's the threat now? What good does this lie do? Why let people mourn for a girl who's not dead? It's cruel and manipulative, and it's not right...

[A beat.] Sorry. Sorry. I didn't call to rant at you. I just figured you should be aware of the truth, even though I've been told not to tell anyone.

[She laughs bitterly.]

Get this: I called Erik out on these lies and he literally told me to "keep my mouth shut," as if he has the right to censor me. Can you believe that? I--

[She cuts herself off.]

Never mind. Ranting again. And I'm giving him too much power over my mind. [A sigh.] I hope you're okay. Stay safe... And away from the HOA. That's where he is, taking care of her.

[End of Message.]
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[Albert's voice is pleasant and even, almost a little too smooth.]

Hello there, Ms... Strauss, correct? I saw your announcement about the apartment building and was interested in taking you up on your offer. My name is Albert Wily, and I could help you with mechanical and electrical maintenance - or, of course, any other sort of work. Beggars can't be choosers. [He chuckles.]

Please feel free to call me whenever you have a chance, and thank you so much for this generous offer.
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[audio] backdated a few days

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Hey Maddy, Thanksgiving's coming up on Thursday. My family's doing a dinner, and I really don't want you sitting all alone in that motel, so why don't you come over?
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[He snorts.]

'Course not. Mary's expecting you, anyway. There's gonna be more than enough food, you don't even need to do anything.
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I mean, if you want to. What'll you make?
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We've got everything covered already. Why don't you just make something you like?

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morning of the 8th

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Hi Anya. I don't know if you know this, but Hanukkah starts tonight. I'm making dinner if you wanted to come.
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[He'd been in a daze, stunned and shocked. He'd retreated himself - and then everything with Chuck had made it worse. But he's gotten used to marking holidays with his family and well...]

No, most people dress up but I don't normally. Just wear whatever is comfortable.
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I'm already cooking actually. Or prepping things to cook - latkes need to be drained so they fry properly and if you chill the potatoes before you cook them they crisp better. And doughnuts need time to rise.

So whenever you'd like.
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Don't rush. But the door will be open, just let yourself in.