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062 ☣ cymbeline is like will's demo track you guys

[Enter Anya, dressed as a boy in dressed as a simple carpenter, with a crown of oak leaves set slightly jaunty around her temples. Thanks to Shakespearian magic, she looks very much like a boy, although she is not actually transformed. ]

In stranger lands I never thought to dwell,
Among strange folk with many tales to tell.
Will you not share a story and your name?
I wouldst be friends, though recent here I came.

[Totally not Anya who has been here for two years. TOTALLY A DIFFERENT PERSON. So inconspicuous. Much disguise. Many earnest. Frand wow.]
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[Well this is. A thing. That's happening.]

Did you hit your head?
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[None of the words make any sense, but that's about par for the course for this barge event. No one makes sense, so she's been keeping to herself. Of course, as far as she's seen no one has been talking about nonexistent penises.

Anya wtf.]

This might be... whole new level of weird.
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Uhhh, hi, I'm Peter, and I think you might have a key in your room I'm gonna need to borrow so long as you're [convinced you're someone else?] visiting. If that's cool.

Or, you know, good. Okay. Forsooth.
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[Ben takes a very long time to consider this message - and every message, every line he's been getting since he woke up this morning, and now Riddick has antlers so that's a thing. This is another thing.

He thinks it's a thing he understands. Maybe. At last, very carefully:

What kind of story would you like?

My name is Ben.
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[He cocks his head to one side ever so slightly, clearly working it out. It's not just the words. He recognizes Asher, or thinks he does, but what is the flood?

So he speaks still slowly, and only when he's as certain as he can be.

There was a boy, who though he had eyes, could not use them to see. His life did not wait for him to find out how to work around this, and so he became skilled at keeping up with it though he tripped over the things he could not predict.

There was a girl, who though she had ears, could not use them to hear. Her life was also an impatient one, riddled with difficulties as most are and then some, but she did not beg quarter. She became skilled at dodging, though it required her to be ever watchful.

Then one day, the blind boy and the deaf girl collided.
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[Ben does not seem fazed; he's found his rhythm now, and this at least is familiar, his very real audience intent.]

At first they spoke in earnest, each frustrated with the other: he could not see that she signaled her confusion, and she could not hear him explain his. Entire conversations passed between them unheard and unseen and unacknowledged. They each could have moved on but it became a matter of pride, and a matter of curiosity, and they were each determined to understand. He spoke too quickly for her to follow, and she could not make him see the motion of her hands, and so they remained separate.

At last in her frustration she reached out and covered his soundless mouth with her hand. In his surprise he jumped and went still, and in that moment she understood what the difficulty was. What she did not know was how to overcome it and so she, too, was still. They stood, and breathed, and thought, and he listened and she watched, until at length he reached up to take her hand in his.
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This, of course, is where perhaps life could have become too insurmountable. Many people with much lesser obstacles to overcome completely miss one another, speak over or past one another, fail to see what is directly in front of their eyes. They drift along in their lives, unchallenged and unchallenging. The girl and the boy could have done exactly this or, even being unwilling, been forced to do so.

But this time, they listened hard enough, and long enough, and well enough, and he pulled her hand to him, bent his fingers into her palm, and she smiled. You, she said, and pulled his hand back to her, and shaped her fingers against his palm, and he smiled. Me.

It was not, after all, that simple - but beginning was. And it was all they needed.
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did Anya somehow get double flooded, because this is a face she would be very happy to have around here longer

A-are you trying to blend in? Is it really you?
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[She condenses the answer into one word, but isn't sure which question Asher's answering. An answer to either means the same response from her, however, and the flattery helps as well.]

Can I come see you, then? It's been months.
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[They aren't really together, in his world or hers. Asher's barely real, a construct the Admiral forms out of an Anya who seems like she enjoys it well enough, but Touko wants to enjoy the fantasy while it lasts. He's safe when he'll be gone in a few days, and she hopes he believes the same of her. She lurks around what she knows as Asher's haunts - cabin, library, maintenance office - peeks in doors and past corners, and a nervous flutter of her fingers greets him with what short speech she could contrive. She does better with prose meter than dialogue that could be as eloquent in a recitative, so hopefully he understands.]

Whether you know me better than I myself, or I know you better than you do me... [And she breaks it off to draw her hands into his.]
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[She flushes, smiling, and bites her lip in anticipation. Touko doesn't quite know what to say when she can feel him talking around her, but if he's playing the game, she'll play with him. She manages to keep her voice steady, trying to see if it's the same Asher.]

We can get caught up on what happened to the you who's here. Let's go do what we did last time.