fridgetothefire: (63 fidget)
Anya Lehnsherr | Earth 97400 ([personal profile] fridgetothefire) wrote2015-01-11 02:42 am

062 ☣ cymbeline is like will's demo track you guys

[Enter Anya, dressed as a boy in dressed as a simple carpenter, with a crown of oak leaves set slightly jaunty around her temples. Thanks to Shakespearian magic, she looks very much like a boy, although she is not actually transformed. ]

In stranger lands I never thought to dwell,
Among strange folk with many tales to tell.
Will you not share a story and your name?
I wouldst be friends, though recent here I came.

[Totally not Anya who has been here for two years. TOTALLY A DIFFERENT PERSON. So inconspicuous. Much disguise. Many earnest. Frand wow.]

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