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073 ☣ Gyre and Gimbel

[Several hours before Dean catches her; a little while after her threads on Rikki's conversation trail off.]

[Private to Pietro, voice]

You were a beautiful baby, you know that? Wanda was ugly, that...that squashy blotchy baby look, but you were a frickin...cherub. Like. Like a bit of cloud learned out how to smile. And kick.

[Private to Cassel]

I'm cheating on you toking up with my inmate in your hour of desolation. Gonna have to do a quest or something. Win you back. After all my...perfidity.

[Private to Mickey]

You're actually rather excellent. Like. Like really. Brutal and right. Like a good hatchet. Yeah.

[Private to Chris]

I don't know how to be nice to you.

[This sounds super sulky, like it's his fault. It totally is.]

[Private to Omar]


Tell me your favorite things about Baltimore.

[Private to Jean]

I wanna get some yarn that looks like your hair. It always looks so warm.

[Private to Sylvanas]

He really fucking cared about you, you know. Before you were even. Before you were paired. We talked.

I should have made you wear stupid hats or something. Goddamn waste of one-seventeenth ultimate power. Or whatever.

[Private to Morgana]

I love you. Like. A lot. I love Rikki but you were my inmate first. You're so great. Is that okay? I hope that's. Yeah.

[Private to Clementine.]

Youuuuuuu. Are sneaky.

[Private to Letty.]

[Very seriously. The over-precision of someone being careful to compensate for being way baked.]

We should be friends. This is an indisputable. Um. Tactical conclusion. We're very complimentary.

[Anya you nerd.]

[Private to T'Pol]

I was a really bad Vulcan.

[Private to Scott]

You have such a weird face.


[And, obligatory, to Pounce]

You're a kitty!

[OOC Note: feel free to have one of the messages (except Pietro's or Cassel's) above misfired to your character if you want a thread with Stoned Anya but they're not on the list.]

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