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Last Voyages Permissions Page

CONTACT METHOD: [ profile] shipoftheseus on plurk, or vibishantheshiny on AIM
THREAD-JACKING: I don't mind it in moderation, but if it starts to get really long I might ask you to move the continuation somewhere else.
FOURTH WALLING / CANON PUNCTURE: She's obscure, but sure why not.
AVOIDED TOPICS: Nothing comes to mind.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Anya is slim and kind of wiry. She's in shape from mountain climbing but she isn't overly muscular. She has some really bad, old burn scars from when she was trapped in the blazing inn as a child, but she dresses pretty modestly to cover them up. Sleeves to the wrist all the time, even if her icons show differently. She smells of normal human, old books, and a little bit of machinery. Nothing exotic.
DEMEANOR: IT DEPENDS A LOT. As a default, she'll keep her head down, move with any crowd. She's very good at looking small/innocuous/deflecting notice. On the other hand, she can shed that very quickly if she chooses to.
ABILITIES: She's a self-taught mechanical genius and speaks several languages, but she has no extra-human abilities, and her lung capacity sucks, so she can neither sing nor do much aerobic activity.
MEDICAL INFORMATION: See above. Her lungs were damaged by smoke inhalation when she was young, so she becomes short of breath really easily. Also, parts of her back, arms, and shins are covered in third degree burns and have no surface nerve endings, and sometimes the scars make her stiff or interfere with her mobility.
OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS: HAHAHA. She's from a mutant supremacist terrorist base in the 60s. She's going to be a little wide-eyed at PDA or explicit discussion of sexuality, but there's nothing anyone needs to avoid - I'm happy to play out her IC discomfort at anything that comes up.

MENTAL: If it's picking up a strong thought/emotion in the course of a thread, then yes, definitely, although Anya will be angry and scared ICly if she realizes that's what happened. If it's more than that, probably yes, but ask me first.
VIOLENCE: Sure, why not. Anya will try to avoid physical confrontation IC, but if it happens she'll probably lose.
MAGIC: Yes, but again, she'll be pissed about it IC. If it's anything that majorly affects her, ask me first.
DEBATE: Go for it! I'd love to.
OTHER / NOTES: Anya is a prickly, skittish, paranoid kid who has major inferiority issues about her lack of powers. I'm totally cool with people messing with her, just be aware that she will react badly. And do her best to plot revenge.