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[Anya is sitting at the desk in the maintenance office. Dean's jacket is thrown over the back of the chair - she couldn't leave it behind, couldn't quite wear it either. Her eyes are red-rimmed, but her cheeks are dry, and she smiles.]

Hi. For all you new kids, I'm Anya Lensherr, former crazy inmate, and current head of maintenance.

[That was a little harder to say than she expected. But she mostly doesn't let it show.]

I'm in the market for some minions. Any inmates who know basic carpentry, electrical wiring, or plumbing should come talk to me. Any inmates who want to learn any of that should come talk to me. I'm a good talker, I'm a good listener, and I make great cookies.

You don't get to use the cool power tools until I'm convinced you'll use them according to the factory guidelines, but it's a pretty good gig, lots of downtime in between wall-shattering catastrophes, independent projects generally allowed. Preference goes to people without other jobs yet, I get final say, this is a benevolent hardware and transistor dictatorship, et cetera.

[Private, to Alec Trevelyan]

Did you ever talk to Dean before he left? I don't know if you're even still interested, but we'd be happy to have you.

[Private to Sylvanas, later, from her room]

You sing, right?

[Private to Debra Morgan]

How are you settling in?
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Okay, this is a long shot, but I know we've got all kinds of magic and tech here that I don't know all the capabilities of, so here goes:

Does anybody have, or know of, something that can like...turn memories into photographs? We never really had cameras around when I was little and I guess I'm just. Being maudlin about a few things.

[aka she misses the twins when they were stupid babies]

Confidential to Arthas, Alex, Babs, Cassel, Charles, Erik, Jesse, Tosh, and Touko. )


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