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User Name/Nick: Isabelle
User DW: [personal profile] vibishan
AIM/IM: vibishantheshiny
Plurk: [ profile] shipoftheseus
E-mail: just PM Anya’s journal, please
Other Characters: n/a

Character Name: Anya Lehnsherr
Series: Marvel 97400 (What-If Volume 2, issue 96)
Age: 19
From When?: Immediately after the issue ends. She’s just manipulated Pietro into revealing the existence of mutants and shooting Magneto on international TV, and delivered her villain monologue that she was behind everything. Other members of the mutant brotherhood are heavily implied to arrive and kill them both.

He had no use for a human daughter )
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Player Information

Name: Isabelle
Age: 22
AIM SN: vibishantheshiny
Have you played in an LJ based game before? yes
Currrently Played Characters: the talking House
Conditional: Activity Check Link: AC is here.
Conditional: Official Reserve Link: Reserve is here.

He had no use for a human daughter. )
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Name/Handle: Isabelle
Age: 22
AIM/YIM/MSN/Plurk/Etc: shipoftheseus on plurk, vibishantheshiny on AIM
Current Characters: I’m neeeeew. o/

Character Name: Anya Lehnsherr

Source: Marvel 97400 (What-If Volume 2, Issue #96, “The Quick and the Dead.”)

Here be monsters of the turquoise horned ungulate variety. )
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Player Information
Your Nickname: Isabelle
OOC Journal: [personal profile] vibishan
Under 18? Nope! 22.
Email/IM: vibishantheshiny on AIM, shipoftheseus on plurk
Characters Played at Singularity: none

Character Information
Name: Anya Lehnsherr
Name of Canon: Marvel Comics What-If Volume 2, Issue #96, The Quick and the Dead (Universe 97400)
Canon/AU/Other Game CR: Canon, but a canonical alternate timeline. Because it’s a short canon, it’s a little supplemented by headcanon/extrapolation.
Reference: This is the only reference available online, sad and meager though it is.

A more thorough summary: )


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