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[Guess who found the English lyrics to the old Ukrainian Bell Carol she used to sing when she was small?]

...hark how the bells, sweet silver bells, all seem to say throw cares away...

[She goes through the first verse and the chorus, juggling parts as well as she can manage. Her voice is a little rough, no formal training, grabbing breaths in awkward places, but she carries the tune well and it comes out pretty enough. She trails off, then flips on the video feed. She's in the art room, surrounded by scraps of white cloth and half-finished paper mache horns.]

Hi, um, everyone. If you haven't met me yet, I'm Anya. And as you can probably tell, I need some help with the harmonies. When I was little, caroling was one of the biggest parts of the Christmas celebration. Does anybody want to come singing with me? We could do the rounds on each level. If you bring treats we could hand them out to people! It would be so fun.

Private to Wanda )
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[After her conversation with Erik, she's been struggling to deal with what she's learned. Dealing with someone who was and wasn't her father was one thing; dealing with a version of Wanda who got to grow up, who never knew her - it's harder. So she's focusing on other things, browsing the library for good resources about Jewish faith and practice, about the history of Zionism, about Hannukah in particular. It wasn't something her own father ever shared, beyond rants about the holocaust, and she can't stand feeling at a disadvantage for information.]
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Maddy here.

So talk to me.


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