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[Public, video]

If anybody wants to take measurements so they can actually find clothes to borrow that fit instead of guessing and going with whoever offers first, we've got a couple spare tape measures in the maintenance office.

[Asher Lehnsherr: more sensible than you in every universe.]

And try not to stretch anything out. Your counterparts are going to want their shit back in decent condition.

[Public spam]

[Asher can be found in a couple places, in Winchester flannel with the sleeves shoved to his elbows, old burn scars and crisp colorful tattoos tessellating up his forearms. He occupies one of the common rooms with a beer shoved halfway in between couch cushions to hold it while he practices guitar, working out classic rock adaptations of Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff for the hell of it, humming vaguely along.

He goes to the gym, unlike Anya, who does the majority of her physical training in the privacy of her cabin, or her teachers'. A long time ago, he was more shameless about urging Wanda to heal his lungs, so he can run through a much longer workout without having to pause and gasp for air - although he still only drills half the styles he knows in public, the half that give him more trouble.

He's in the library as much as she is, practicing languages and picking a new discipline to study, piling a workdesk with books on meteorology. He watches the stars on deck and eats an apple, including the core. He works on the design of a miniaturized maglev engine featuring panes of leaded glass with the maintenance door propped open. He hits the pub in the evening. He'll probably let you in.]

Confidential to Touko, Iris, Ben, Dean, Morgan, and Hannibal )
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Okay, listen up.

If you haven't had a bad port yet, let me clue you in: when the admiral actually gives us supplies, it means we are about to hit a bad fucking port. The last time this happened, we lost somebody. As in, she got trapped in a town full of corpses and nightmares and never made it back. No death toll, no popping up fine in the infirmary. Zev was an amazing woman, who came from terrible circumstances and was bright and compassionate and determined, and she didn't vanish, she got caught by somewhere worse than here. I might not get along with you, or even know you, but there's no one on this ship I want that happening to.

Brass tacks: whatever the admiral is, I personally doubt he's humanoid. [Dryly] You may have noticed, but he's not always great at realizing what we actually need. So here are some things everyone should add to those packs if they can.

cut for length )

The Admiral's made fewer preparations and given us less warning this time around, so let's hope that means it's a proportional response, and we don't have have to worry about the risk of losing anyone like we did in Silent Hill. I hope it's fine, and we'll all be back here bleeding and bitching in a few days. But we can't guarantee it. So whatever happens, wherever we go, take care of yourselves, and take care of each other.

[Private to Morgana]

Tell me what you're missing, and what I need to get you.

[Spam for Dean]

[He's already stabbed someone. On the other hand, he's already stabbed someone, so it's not like it's going to make that much of a difference if he really wants to cause trouble. Or at least that's what she tells herself, rapping on his door.]

Me again.


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