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If anybody wants to take measurements so they can actually find clothes to borrow that fit instead of guessing and going with whoever offers first, we've got a couple spare tape measures in the maintenance office.

[Asher Lehnsherr: more sensible than you in every universe.]

And try not to stretch anything out. Your counterparts are going to want their shit back in decent condition.

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[Asher can be found in a couple places, in Winchester flannel with the sleeves shoved to his elbows, old burn scars and crisp colorful tattoos tessellating up his forearms. He occupies one of the common rooms with a beer shoved halfway in between couch cushions to hold it while he practices guitar, working out classic rock adaptations of Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff for the hell of it, humming vaguely along.

He goes to the gym, unlike Anya, who does the majority of her physical training in the privacy of her cabin, or her teachers'. A long time ago, he was more shameless about urging Wanda to heal his lungs, so he can run through a much longer workout without having to pause and gasp for air - although he still only drills half the styles he knows in public, the half that give him more trouble.

He's in the library as much as she is, practicing languages and picking a new discipline to study, piling a workdesk with books on meteorology. He watches the stars on deck and eats an apple, including the core. He works on the design of a miniaturized maglev engine featuring panes of leaded glass with the maintenance door propped open. He hits the pub in the evening. He'll probably let you in.]

Confidential to Touko, Iris, Ben, Dean, Morgan, and Hannibal )
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[The feed is at a slightly awkward angle, held one-handed. It's Anya and Two-Face. She's behind him, her chin on his shoulder on the scarred side, her other arm wrapped around him and holding a slim black knife at his throat. The knife and her hand are already thoroughly bloody, though his neck is - thus far - unscathed. Two-Face looks furious and strained. Anya looks fierce but cold and calm, almost serene.]

Two-Face is losing a lot of blood. Someone should come help him to the infirmary. We're in the library, historical nonfiction, MA to MC.


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