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[Anya isn't keeping to her room. She takes up a kitchen shift for a few days until Ben is almost scowling as he insists he's recovered. In her own kitchen, she bakes and bakes - not cookies this time, not sweet things. Just fresh bread, lots of it. She wanders through the hallways, thrusting warm, napkin-wrapped loaves of it at anyone she passes. She sits up on deck. The stars there were basically the same. Like her.]

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[Anya is sitting on the bed in a plain cabin, the kind with the bland, motel-inspired decor of the uninhabited rooms. She looks a little bit stricken, sad and relieved and guilty and uncertain, all of it more-or-less contained.]

Junko Enoshima is gone from the barge.

[She takes a breath, bows her head. It feels wrong, not to say anything more than that.]

I don't know if anyone else. Cares. I don't know why you would. She was a horrible person, all the way through. She was twisted and fathomless and impossible to talk to. But we had a few things in common, and she made me feel less alone when I was still too awful myself to trust in anyone's kindness.

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[One of Anya's stress reactions is baking. She took a few of Riddick's lunch shifts while he was recovering, and made way too many cookies in addition to actual lunch food. Later in the afternoon, she's skulking around the dining hall and through the various common rooms, quietly leaving batches of warm cookies on tables and counters.]

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