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[Video, Public]

[The feed is at a slightly awkward angle, held one-handed. It's Anya and Two-Face. She's behind him, her chin on his shoulder on the scarred side, her other arm wrapped around him and holding a slim black knife at his throat. The knife and her hand are already thoroughly bloody, though his neck is - thus far - unscathed. Two-Face looks furious and strained. Anya looks fierce but cold and calm, almost serene.]

Two-Face is losing a lot of blood. Someone should come help him to the infirmary. We're in the library, historical nonfiction, MA to MC.
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[When the view clicks on, Anya is obviously changed. She has the glowing blue eyes, and her skin looks almost grey. She isn't quite light-skinned enough for classic pallor, but the color is leached from her face. She sits still and straight, with a degree of composure that is, in fact, precisely normal for her. She missed breakfast today, and now it's quite clear why.]

I've allowed Arthas to make me into a zombie for a few days. It is entirely temporary, and I am in control of myself and my faculties. There is no need for anyone to be alarmed.
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Confidential to Zane, Abigail, Cassel, Ben, Sylvanas, Mal, and Arthas )

[OOC: I may add other starters to this post as older things play out/I think of them. If anyone has something they want to have brought up with Anya BEFORE she becomes a zombie, let me know and I will add it. There will probably be a separate public zombie post later.]
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[Friends Filter, afternoon of the second day]

[If you think you might be on it, etc]

So. This one is...uh. Disconcerting. If any of you guys want me to grab dinner for you or something, I'm willing to play gopher.

[Open Spam, throughout]

[Anya is, in the finest sense of the phrase, tempting fate. She skitters through the hallways on the most-used levels (cafeteria, dinings, bathrooms), deliberately takes corners at a hurried clip. She tells herself it makes sense, tactically, that she's still just gathering as much information as she can. She will admit, later, that it's mostly just her love of new experiences, of the chance to be someone new and do things she couldn't imagine before. Even with the sheer amount of pain the barge carries and the way it exposes her history in turn - it's worth it, she thinks. It's incredible.]

[Open Spam, Pub, sometime after running into Felix, possibly literally.]

[Anya needs a stiff drink. And she is going to get one. Right now.]

[Private separately to Ben and Cassel]

How are you holding up?
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[Anya is sitting on the bed in a plain cabin, the kind with the bland, motel-inspired decor of the uninhabited rooms. She looks a little bit stricken, sad and relieved and guilty and uncertain, all of it more-or-less contained.]

Junko Enoshima is gone from the barge.

[She takes a breath, bows her head. It feels wrong, not to say anything more than that.]

I don't know if anyone else. Cares. I don't know why you would. She was a horrible person, all the way through. She was twisted and fathomless and impossible to talk to. But we had a few things in common, and she made me feel less alone when I was still too awful myself to trust in anyone's kindness.

Cut for length. )


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